Helping you to increase the value of your business

Moss & Hooper is a management consultancy that specialises in helping you to increase the value of your business in two ways – a) by transforming your organisation and culture and/or b) by significantly increasing your sales.

Our philosophy is to recruit executive consultants with at least 20 years practical business experience and to partner with selected providers of unique, world class tools and methodologies.

By combining these innovative tools and methodologies with real world business experience we can offer you effective advice, programs and coaching that will generate real and measurable business results.

We don’t just ask you what your problems are, summarise them in a fancy report and then ride into the sunset – we help identify your core issues, provide practical solutions and work with you to implement them and to achieve the results you expect.


How we can help you

We specialise in two areas:

We help you to transform your business culture to: 

  • Build a world class company based on trust
  • Create a culture that allows employees to be passionate and take responsibility
  • Develop a high performance organisation
  • Create a customer focused culture
  • Ensure your executive team (and other critical teams) are aligned and functioning at peak capacity
  • Foster innovation and creativity
  • Develop the leaders of tomorrow
  • Develop passionate, loyal, enthusiastic customers and employees

 We help you to increase your sales and: 

  • Create additional demand for your products and services
  • Get in front of more executive decision makers in your target markets
  • Grow your sales pipeline
  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Increase customer retention
  • Provide added value and innovation for your customers
  • Increase the value from your existing customers

Our partners

Moss & Hooper has partnered with a small group of companies that provide unique tools, assessments and methodologies that can help us to help you reach your goals. They are:


Frontline Selling

Frontline is based in the USA and has developed a unique methodology to generate demand and to help you engage higher and more strategically in your target accounts. Their customers include industry giants like Oracle, VMWare, SAP and Wolters Kluwer. Moss & Hooper is the exclusive Asia Pacific partner for Frontline.


Intégro Leadership Institute

Intégro, based in Sydney, has developed a world leading range of behavioural and attitudinal assessments to assist with their leadership development, customer focused culture, strategic alignment and organisational transformation programs. Integro’s assessments and programs are used throughout the USA, Australia and Europe. Intégro is also the exclusive provider of Inscape’s DiSC behavioural assessments in Australia and New Zealand.



Custell has developed collaborative tools and methodologies to help with the management of complex sales as well as sophisticated customer retention and innovation tools and methodologies.


Our consultants

Every member of our team of experienced management consultants has at least 20 years practical business experience. Many of them hold MBAs and other post graduate qualifications but it is their executive experience that sets them apart.

They have held “C” level, group and global management positions in a wide variety of organisations and industries including finance, consulting, IT, manufacturing, government, media & advertising, distribution and retail.


Other services

We also offer a variety of other consulting services in areas such as:

  • Change Management
  • Leadership Development
  • HR
  • M&A Planning and Execution
  • Business Strategy
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Coaching, Mentoring and Training
  • Outsourced Sales
  • DiSC training and assessments