Experienced Executives plus innovative tools and methodologies


For more than 15 years Moss & Hooper has provided consulting services to a variety of business clients.

Our focus is on providing you with real world results. We don’t just ask you what your problems are, summarise them in a fancy report and then ride into the sunset – we help identify your core issues, provide practical solutions and work with you to implement them and to achieve the results you expect.

Our twin philosophies are;

  • we only recruit executive consultants with at least 20 years practical business experience
  • we partner with selected providers of unique, world class tools and methodologies.

By combining these innovative tools and methodologies with real world business experience we can offer you effective advice, programs and coaching that will generate real and measurable business results.

Every one of our executive consultants has more than twenty years of practical business experience. Many have postgraduate degrees, many have MBAs, most have bachelor’s degrees and some are members of Mensa.

The have held senior posts in many industries – ICT, telecommunication, professional services, finance, distribution, advertising, media, government, retail, manufacturing and the armed forces. Many have had extensive international experience and most have held “C” level, general management or business unit management positions.

But the two things that distinguish them all are their focus on real life business results and their extensive network of contacts in Australian business.

While we specialise in Leadership Development, Demand Generation and Sales Consulting we have access to executive consultants with a wide range of capabilities in other areas including HR, M&A, business strategy, marketing, digital marketing and advertising.

We also have access to a significant percentage of Australian businesses through our consultants’ extensive personal networks - as you will see from their profiles.