Demand Generation


Is your sales pipeline as full as you’d like it to be?

When you meet a new prospect are you engaging a high enough level?

If the answer to one or both of those questions is “no” you’re not alone. Two of the biggest problems facing sales organizations today are identifying new sales opportunities and engaging prospects at the right level.

These days executives in your target companies are always busy - and they often get literally dozens of sales calls a day. This, combined with highly protective PAs, the ubiquitous use of voice mail and often the reluctance or inability of your sales team to approach the “C” level, makes it almost impossible to reach the right executive at the right level to help you uncover high value sales opportunities.

Simply put, one of the main causes of not meeting your sales targets is that your sales organisation isn’t engaging in enough meaningful business conversations with the right people at the right level in order to uncover new sales opportunities.

We can help you solve this problem.


Moss and Hooper, through our partnership with FRONTLINE SELLING, helps you master your prospecting cycle and uncover new sales opportunities. Our methodology based approach and our proprietary tools help you to identify the right executive, to gain access to that executive and to engage effectively in those first meaningful business conversations.

Our methodology is measurable, repeatable, consistent, successful and easy to learn and apply.

We can work with you as a skills development partner to train your internal or external sales team or we can provide an outsourced demand generation service. Either way, you will achieve a significant and game changing increase in your sales pipeline. 

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