Frontline Selling Demand Creation methodology - adopted by IBM for Partnerworld members - now available in Australia through Moss & Hooper

Master your prospecting cycle

If you sell high value solutions to businesses you have a sales cycle. It includes activities such as documenting requirements, building relationships, understanding the buying process, offering proof statements, demonstrations, presentations, proposals, etc.

You may have invested in methodologies and training to help your sales team to qualify sales opportunities, manage the sales process, sell value solutions, ask effective questions and so on.

But before you even get to your sales cycle you have a prospecting cycle - and the usual approach here is far from methodical or consistent. In fact it’s usually based on random guesswork and hope.

Prospecting questions

When you’re trying to get in to a target organisation, there are a number of questions to consider:

  1. Who do you call (e.g. CEO, CFO, CIO, department head, IT manager, etc)?
  2. If you get voice mail, do you leave a message? If so, what do you say?
  3. If you get a PA (gatekeeper) or the person you’re trying to reach what do you say?
  4. Should you send an email and what should it say?
  5. How often do you call back before you give up?
  6. How long should you wait before you call back?

These are just some of the many questions to consider - and if you ask any 10 salespeople the answer to any one of those you’ll probably get 10 answers. By definition, most of them have to be wrong. A methodology involves knowing exactly what to do in every circumstance - and as we’ve already said, most people don’t use a methodology, they just guess and hope.

A structured approach

Like the sales cycle, the prospecting cycle consists of a series of activities which include finding the right person, promoting your value proposition to them -- especially if they either don’t know who you are or how you can help them - securing their time to have a first meaningful business conversation and making sure that you take advantage of that first conversation. Because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

A repeatable, measurable, predictable prospecting methodology

Moss & Hooper, a Sydney based sales and marketing consultancy, has partnered with Frontline Selling, based in Atlanta, USA to bring Frontline’s repeatable, measurable, predictable prospecting methodology to Australia. Their RAMP-UPTM (Repeatable and Measurable Process for Upgrading Pipelines) methodology identifies all the potential prospecting activities that you can encounter and describes how to perform each one of the activities with perfect form – every time.

The result – 200% to 400% more business conversations with senior executives in your target accounts, more sales opportunities, a fuller, higher quality sales pipeline and a better chance of winning bigger, more strategic deals due to engaging at a higher level.

Not just appointment setting

Our methodology isn’t designed to deliver appointments. It’s designed to deliver Meaningful Interactions.  So what is a Meaningful Interaction?

It’s a meeting with a high level executive (“C” level) who has agreed to give you their focused attention, to discuss their business issues and to explore whether you can help them. It helps you to uncover problems and identify qualified sales opportunities. We call these executives Key Players.

How do we do it?

Our methodology uses a precise, proven, formulaic, multi-touch approach that, by design, includes the Key Player in the decision making process so that they wantto have a discussion with you about a burning business issue that keeps them up at night.

If you can help them, Key Players want to talk you – but too many other people are clamouring for their attention. We help you cut through the noise so that they choose you, not your competitors.

Most people try to grab someone’s attention in the short time that they are allowed. But how can you communicate your message effectively in 30 seconds or so to someone you’ve just interrupted and who’s probably distracted?  You can’t – so we get Key Players to give you the time you need to explore their individual situation in depth and to clearly communicate your value proposition.


Frontline Selling’s clients include many major organisations that sell business to business including:

CA; SAP; Oracle: Microsoft; Walters Kluwer; Tata Communications; Sybase; AVNet; IBM; Lawson; VMWare; Hitachi Consulting.

IBM Partners

Frontline Selling’s RAMP-UPTM methodology has been adopted by IBM and is available through IBM’s Partnerworld. See:

Delivery options

There are two delivery options

  1. We can teach you how to secure your own Meaningful Interactions, or
  2. Outsource to us to and we will secure Meaningful Interactions in your target companies.

More details

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